Company Theatre

Company Theatre were one of the primary fund raisers and a foundation stakeholder in the creation of The Rose Centre when it was built in 1992. Founded in 1980 themselves, Company Theatre remains a key part of The Rose Centre's annual calendar Click here to learn all about Company Theatre.

The November production for Company Theatre, at The Rose Centre, Belmont, will be Arms and The Man by George Bernard Shaw.

Set in the mid 1880’s, it’s a story of a young girl called Raina, the daughter of a military man, and already engaged, to a heroic soldier, called Sergius.  She wants a lot more out of life so, when a charming soldier, on the hop from the battlefield clambers right into her bedroom, what's a clever girl to do? Offer him sanctuary, feed him chocolate or fall in love. 
Shaw intended the play, to mock the starry-eyed view of both war and love.  Still so relevant today.  
Director Reg Williams says, “Shaw's wit, insight and awareness is at its sharpest in this piece.”    
The delightful cast have rehearsed for many weeks and travel from as far north as Hatfield Beach to be part of this production at The Rose Centre. 
Saturday 16th Nov - tickets only $20.  Other nights $27 and $22.  Book with  or phone 09 361.1000

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