The Rose Centre Community Pre-School – All About Us

We are a Community based, not for profit Preschool, situated in the grounds of Belmont Primary School.   We are licensed for 21 tamariki, aged between 18 months and 5 years.   Our kaiako are Fully Qualified and Registered with current First Aid Certificates.

Our centre is a warm and loving environment where tamariki and whanau feel a sense of belonging.   Value is placed on the relationships that will be formed and we acknowledge the importance of these as you embark on this journey with us.  Our friendly kaiako are dedicated in their efforts to provide a safe and caring learning environment for tamariki incorporating Te Whãriki, the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.  
We have completed the redevelopment of our outdoor playground space to create more stimulus for our tamariki to play, fulfilling the goal of providing a more challenging environment.    We greatly value the importance that nature plays in their learning journey and our new outdoor area reflects this through our plantings of trees and plants in the garden and mud kitchen area.   

Our approach is a play based environment where tamariki learn through active exploration of the preschool environment with opportunities to build relationships / friendships with their peers. Through play tamariki learn to make sense of the world around them, develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.   We value respectful relationships with tamariki and support their social skills through positive guidance.    Kaiako foster their independence and provide them with challenges to build their problem solving skills and capabilities as learners.    We follow the interests and needs of our tamariki placing a high importance on their holistic wellbeing, as well as supporting their cognitive development, creative and physical skills.     We pride ourselves on a low teacher ratio which allows for high quality care with increased one-on-one interaction with each tamaiti.   It enables us to operate with small group sizes and provide quality learning experiences for all our tamariki.   We provide an open and independent tamaiti initiated programme that fosters a sound transition to school.

The Preschool utilises an e-portfolio system as well as a physical portfolio to document learning and experiences for each tamaiti.  Storypark is an APP that can be easily downloaded and was created to “help every child to fulfil their unique potential, by connecting and empowering the community around them.”  Learning stories, photographs, videos, newsletters and notifications will be uploaded for parents and whanau to comment on, and/ or share with other members of their extended whanau including friends.  Storypark also enables whanau to upload their own stories connecting home to ECE through the online system.

Our centre embodies a strong community spirit with our whanau involved in a Preschool Parent Sub-committee that fosters a strong link between tamariki, kaiako, the community and the Rose Centre Board.


The Rose Centre operates during the Primary school terms and fees are only applicable during school terms. All fees include GST.

3 Hour Session per child $18 (applies to 18 months – 2 years)
3.5 Hour Session per child $21 (over 2 year olds only)
6 Hour Session per child $36 (over 2 year olds only)

20 Hours ECE Children (No charge) applies to children 3 years and over attesting up to “20 Hours ECE” at The Rose Centre Community Pre-school. Any additional hours attended that do not qualify for “20 Hours ECE” funding will be charged at the normal hourly rate of $6.00 per hour.

Optional Charges:
Stationary & Portfolios $25
Storypark $12 annual fee

Excursions: As per our Fee Policy - In the event of a trip/excursions being organised from the Rose Centre Community Preschool, parents/caregivers will receive a permission form to fill out and be advised of any cost involved. This will be a fee and include GST and only be applicable if attending an outing. Outings away from the Centre are not compulsory.

WINZ subsidies are available

Bond of 2 weeks on signing enrolment (which is then applied as the first 2 weeks fees once the child has started)

Invoices emailed weekly and payable by Direct Credit.

Download our waiting list form to have your child added to our waiting list - Waiting List FORM