Sound healing/Pranayama & chakra balance

13th Nov- 6th Dec

Vibrational sound healing is a very powerful tool that has been used for over 5000 years. This four week course will give you a strong foundation on how to replenish energy levels, balance chakras and practice breath techniques to help lower stress levels.

Tibetan singing bowls will be used as well as mantra chant to uplift and re-energize the practitioner.

Participants will receive a brief outline of the chakra system and how it works, as well as attain knowledge on simple self-care techniques to help improve the quality of everyday life and general well-being.

For full details of this unique experience please call Maria: 027 5831 965

Last Legs - 17 Nov - 1 Dec

Each year we see more and more retirement villages being built in New Zealand, and quite pertinently in Auckland; indeed Ryman are building a complex just a couple of kilometres from the Rose Centre. There is an ever-increasing number of retirees but what actually happens in a retirement village? Are the residents indeed on their 'last legs' or is there life in them yet? With wonderful repartee, Roger Hall explores the relationships, the activities, the inner reflections and the humorous moments  that make up the lives of six residents at the fictitious  but very real Cambridge Retirement Village. The play had a sell-out world premiere at Circa Theatre in 2016, and a successful season at Auckland's Waterfront Theatre in September 2017.

Last Legs is a very funny black comedy about sex, death and politics (set in the era of Bill English) and will appeal to all ages, not just those approaching retirement and wondering with trepidation or excitement what lies ahead!

More info at our website, tickets at iticket.

North Shore Accordian - 2 Dec

One of our long term regulars is the North Shore Accordian Orchestra. Come along and enjoy a beautiful and enthusiastic musical event in the theatre here at The Rose Centre.

Door sales on the day, gold coin koha only, Sunday 2 December. Concert commences at 6pm and runs for an hour so it'll still be light and you can head in to the village for an Indian, a Thai, some standard kiwi pub grub or a Turk!