Welcome to The Rose Centre Community Pre-school

Statement of Philosophy

The Rose Centre is a non for profit community preschool with all fees directly benefiting your child's education; strives to keep fees affordable for families; employs qualified early childhood teachers; and operates with small group sizes.  We aim to provide high quality early learning experiences for all children.  We have a strong community spirit which is reflected through their understanding of the services philosophy, policies and parent teacher subcommittee.  

Our early learning centre sees children as capable, confident learners, and believe that they learn best through active exploration of their environment and meaningful social relationship with others.

We provide an inclusive environment irrespective of race, gender, culture or ability. Our programme is based on child initiated play fostering independence, challenges, problem solving and respect. Children will receive positive guidance and assistance to develop cognitive, creative and physical skills alongside their holistic well being.  We value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning incorporating an ‘emergent literacy programme’ offered to children in the afternoons.  The Rose Centre Community Preschool has strong connection with the local primary school through regular visits, ensuring a smooth transition for children’s continuing education. 

Our teaching team has the ability to recognise each child’s individual needs; we use the environment and programme to foster their interests, strengths and skills to reach their full potential. 

We believe that parent/teacher communication is an essential component in supporting the needs of your child therefore we encourage close partnerships to provide the best outcomes for children.  Parents caregivers and whanau will be provided with ongoing information about their child, the programme, and any other events and concerns. 

The Rose Centre Community Pre-school provides continuous Professional Development for our dedicated educators to maintain high standards in current teaching practice.

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